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JIB Crane Malaysia

Growa Crane Sdn Bhd

Supplier of JIB Crane And Lifting Equipments

Numerous industrial lifting equipments can be found at Growa. These lifting equipments produced by us are specially designed and engineered by our professional engineers. The JIB crane, lifting crane and overhead crane developed by Growa consist of sophisticated and innovative features to better assist in lifting heavy objects from one place to another.

For the past decade, the Growa Group has expanded our business and become the market leader in engineering solutions to our customers throughout the region. We have successfully met our targeted business performance and also providing utmost professional service at an efficient and timely manner.

Our company is headquartered in Singapore with offices in Malaysia, Batam and Indonesia. We also take pride as we are genuinely supported by other reputed international industrial product manufacturer, agencies and subsidiaries. Besides, we developed a range of complete electromechanical hoisting equipment for the usage of heavy industrial cranes with capacity between 100 kilograms to 50 tonnes. Our company is always ready to supply our valued customers with our best lifting solutions to complement to their requirements in this area.

All the above mentioned complemented by advanced IT infrastructure, real-time inventory management and prompt customer care has led to a strong culture and brand name synonymous with quality and reliability both within and without the GROWA organization.

Growa Milestones

The tried and tested standard products in the GROWA range are prefectly suited to almost any application you can think of. Whether you requires single hoist of crane compents. you will always find just the right solution in the GROWA range.

Year Milestones
1993 Formation of The GROWA Group. An international enterprise is born.
1994 Established GROWA Marketing (Far East) Pte Ltd. Provided spare parts, engineering work, repair, service, commissioning, testing and certification of crane and related machineries./td>
1995 Consolidated several companies, including IES Pte Ltd and GROWA Marketing (Far East) Pte Ltd. Rebranded as GROWA (Far East) Pte Ltd.
1996 Setting up of GROWA HOIS- our first offshore branch in Jakarta to tap into the expanding S.E. Asia markets.
2000 Expansion into Johor, Malaysia, ( Growa Crane SDN BHD ) , Batam & Indonesia with our integrated network of subsidiaries and offshore offices.

Our Equipment

Equipment Descriptions
PODEMCRANE Electric wire-rope hoist from 100kg to 50,000 kg
Liftket Electric chain hoist from 100kg to 25,000 kg
Cariboni The Cariboni is a renowned that group supplies a full range of electromechanical components mainly for the purpose of power supply, lighting industry as well as railway electrification
E I A Standard or custom made load cells and indication products made from high quality materials
Metreel Complete line of power feed systems suited for any environment. These products which include the flat cable festoon, cable reeling systems and accessories made to adapt to all types of environmental conditions.
Radiotec Remote Control Having the approval by internationally recognized organizations for high quality products’ standards, the Radiotec Remote Control is a wireless remote control that is easily operates with usage of standard AA batteries.
Techno Electtrica Ravasi (TER) The TER line of control and safety products utilizes the adoption of innovative solutions. The line of control products includes a totally new range of joysticks and pendant station. In terms of safety products features, the TER line includes worm gear, two-step switches and the rotating collectors.
GALVI Braking Force Galvi ‘stop soft buffers’, Galvi ‘ N Drum Brake, Galvi ‘ Electro Hydraulic Thrusters, Galvi ‘ PC Disc Brake.